October 11, 2016

Hillcrest Mall breaks the Mould

Usocial introduced you to another Richmond Hill. One that is sleeker, confident without being pretentious and convenient without sacrificing character. Hillcrest Mall has been working towards that aesthetic even before we came into the fold.

Hillcrest Mall has been open to the community for well over 40 years, but has been stuck in a 1970s aesthetic for most of its existence. Luckily, Oxford Properties Group purchased the mall in its entirety for somewhere around $140 million in 2011, and served as a catalyst for massive change for the mall and surrounding area.

bay-exterior-facadeIn that time, Richmond Hill has changed.

While mini-vans, soccer practices, and white picket fences still reign supreme in the cities identity, cookie-cutter vertical development and intensification have become the name of the game. But there is a smarter, younger, more urban consumer in the neighbourhood now and Usocial and Hillcrest Mall understands that.

Hillcrest Mall’s Hudson Bay took notice and began building away from the typical, with a $125 million renovation investment, adding 130,000 square feet of retail space, upgrading the storefront’s image into the 21st century and adding a Sporting Life that’s set to open October 20th.

sporting-life-hillcrest“A lot has changed in 40 years,” describes Oxford Properties general manager Brian Marenette in a 2014 interview. “From the surrounding farmland of the late 1970s, to the new condo towers and homes that are still popping up within a few kilometers of this mall, Richmond Hill and Hillcrest Mall are continuing to evolve”.

Since 2011, 4,200 new residential units and 122,219 additional households have been added to the surrounding area. Richmond Hill is booming, ready to burst from its shell. The population of Richmond Hill has more than doubled in 20 years and continues to grow at a faster rate than Toronto and Ontario.

Hillcrest Mall started the process of introducing the world to a new Richmond Hill, and now it’s Usocial’s turn to break the mould.

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